From the Chair

Bruce J. Davidson, MD

Stability is the bedrock of great residency programs, and we can state confidently that the Georgetown residency program is stable, strong, and ready to extend. At the core is the stable platform for training at three major institutions: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, and the Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center. For over 30 years, these three institutions have been the primary training grounds for our residents. Add to these a stable and robust faculty who place patient care first and resident education just behind that. A third, and most important, ingredient is brought by an inquisitive and energetic resident complement. These three components provide the stability and strength of our outstanding residency program.

As we grow, we recognize that the current and future strengths of our program are a reflection of contributions made by current and former residents. As residents and as alumni, their continued excellent clinical work and their academic or other service accomplishments represent our program well.

Best regards,

Bruce J. Davidson, MD, FACS Professor and Chairman